What an excellent party!  Many thanks Jeff for inviting me to meet your network in such splendid surroundings.


Managing Director

What a great night.  Congratulations!! Really enjoyed it.  Thanks for all the introductions.



Thanks for a great event last night – amazing view and a really eclectic mix of people.  Your energy, networking and connecting powers is outstanding to watch.  Really appreciate the invite.

Wayne Marc

Managing Director

Thank you for an incredible evening.  Your speech was short, powerful and meaningful.



Best networking ever.


Non-Executive Director

Thanks for the great summer party, it was very interesting and a fabulous turnout and stunning venue.  You have set the bar very high, in more ways than one I would say.


Finance Director

London's King of Connections monthly NETWORK GENERATION EVENING

London’s King of Connections NETWORK GENERATION Monthly Event



This is a unique monthly event, mixing Generations and mixing Networks from the King of Connections.



This is an event in which the younger generation mix with an older generation, indeed ALL generations! Releasing the benefits of Social and Age Diversity.



The problem with ALL the younger generation networking evenings is that they put you in a room of people who are in the same boat as you are! On the way up…..not people who are already there!

Senior Leaders we know can specifically:

  • Help you in your day job.
  • Help you with your fresh “idea”.
  • People with new opportunities.
  • People who can mentor you.
  • We have more senior women than would normally attend other events.
  • And most importantly introductions to their older network in turn, for even more wealth creation or new job roles.


Why is this different?

  1. Our Founder – Jeff Green is probably the only person in London, through his work in Age and Gender Diversity, that has access to both tomorrow’s generation and senior individuals.
  2. He has a huge eclectic network, so the people every month are different and varied.
  3. Jeff Green: Master Mixer Me: The real problem with networking events, is that you don’t actually network! You end up talking to your friend who you came with for a catch up and maybe a couple of people in close proximity then you go home. Not “Master Mixer Me”; we are renowned for getting everyone to meet everyone so please note you will be mixed around in a constructive but informal way!

As can be seen from our websites www.GPCF.com and www.BalancedBoards.net ; we have been doing this a long time.



Central London.

Monthly: First Monday in the month.

Buy your own drinks.

Timings: 5.30pm til 8.30pm.

Attire: Whatever makes you comfortable.


Points to Note:

  • Making the Cake Bigger: The title of Jeff’s book (in production). The tickets are priced to cover the costs of the venue etc as we are not an events business, so we politely ask that if you do make a million remember us with a donation!
  • Trust: We are believers in Karma and “Paying Backward” aswell as “Forward.” Therefore please copy us in connections so we can all “make the cake bigger” for everyone, also to keep track of the number of people being mentored and for security.
  • These exceptional monthly events are all about diversity of thought, diversity of people and diversity of opportunities. That’s the whole point NOT people from one sector, one industry, one role, one age, one gender or one mindset. We avoid Group Think!

Book now for NETWORK GENERATION, it will fill up very quickly!

Don't miss it!!

Book NOW!