Mentor Me

Mentor Me was founded and funded by Jeff Green of GP Corporate Finance in 2015.


To find and register 25,000 Volunteer Mentors with business skills from around the world.

To match them with Mentees from around the world who require business help, advice and expertise.

At no cost to either.

This is a no fee based matching exchange.

Reason for Being

Mentor Me was formed to provide an exchange service, matching carefully selected high quality Volunteer Mentors with aspiring or existing business people (Mentees) from around the world who need business help and career guidance.

Our belief is that everyone needs on-going help and assistance and a mentor to discuss business issues from both outside your company or peer group.  Normally, that is a costly service often for simple straight forward advice.

This exchange is designed to provide that help and in one place find an experienced Mentor from across the world.

The unique aspect is that this is service is free to all and is for everyone.

Global Community

The current government initiatives and high profile backed mentoring websites are all based on a specific community.

Our mission is Mentors for everyone, not one community. The needs of the Mentors are life long – whether you are starting out or uber-successful, young or older, employed or self-employed.

Indeed our mentors will be from all walks of life and with all types of skills.

This exchange is free for both Mentors and Mentees and inclusive for all irrespective of age, gender and ethnicity.  We are not a charity, it is privately funded by our founder.


Why Help?

It makes global business sense.

Our belief is by offering on-going help and advice from experienced and successful Mentors, better business decisions will be made on a day to day basis make the “profit cake” bigger for everyone.  In a business sense, we all benefit from those who want to continually improve and learn.

Everyone is vital and everyone must see that they can add value in the wider world.  Not one community should be more important than others and those other communities being excluded or not understanding their role in the bigger picture.

We do believe in promoting diversity and more balanced boards because a more inclusive board makes better strategic decisions, more innovation and more profits.  Inclusive means everyone.


How Does it Work?

By registering as a Mentee or Mentor, the exchange provides a skill and advice matching service to those who  request help with those best placed to offer successful experience.

Based on a database, the exchange will provide a series of possible matches according to location, skills, experience, sector/s and professional network base of the Mentor with the needs and requirements of the Mentee.

For Mentors: the exchange is the place to best leverage your skills, experience and knowledge as a Volunteer but do not have the time or channel to find the right person to help.

For Mentees: the exchange will find you a choice of Mentors who can assist with your questions, needs and aspirations as you have taken the first step of looking for help.

This support will be provided on the phone in the first instance, then online or face to face thereafter.

This is an entirely volunteer based service, so no fees are payable at any point by any party.


How to Register?

To get in touch as a Mentor or Mentee, please register below.

Look no further. Get started today.